Gerald Times was created to bring to the fore news, reports and opinions on diverse prevailing events and issues ranging from politics to entertainment. We epitomize a paradigm shift in the practice of online journalism in the Nigerian and African cyber-sphere.

Gerald Times is a Nigerian-based blog created with a firm vision to instill the tenets of democratic ideals in Nigeria, aimed at ensuring the proper utilization of the machinery of state and other civil institutions to serve the interests of the vast majority of Nigerians.

It was created to give a voice to persons who are immensely interested in a paradigm shift in the approach to governance in Nigeria and Africa. It is our aim that governance should be extremely people-oriented and focused. We also share in the belief of Dr Tonnie Iredia, the media guru that “the media serves as a gate-keeper and determines the agenda for any government. It is the media that determines what they want the public to hear. They repeat until when it becomes an issue.”

We welcome contributions from persons who are interested in exposing the ills and anti-people evil machinations of the political and economic classes. Imbibed in this organization is the firm belief that a conscious people can salvage what is left of Nigeria and Africa, setting the nation and continent on the rightful, truthful and proper pedestal for the benefit of future generations.

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