Career/Guest Writer

You can enhance your writing skills by serving as a career or guest writer for Gerald Times. We welcome persons who have a flair for writing and would love to publish their works. Your literary contributions can be in the realm of news, politics, opinions on topical issues, entertainment, sports, social events and religious postulations.

At present, contributors to Gerald Times are strictly on voluntary terms, there are no financial ties to it.

However, as time progresses and your contributions become consistent, we can agree on some form of remuneration.
Contributors have the oppourtunity to enhance their online and social media presence by publishing their personalized social media links for published materials.

As a caveat, for purposes of keeping up with standards, sending contributions to Gerald Times does not automatically translate to a right of publication. There is an extant laid down process to verify and ascertain the suitability of any work for publication, so as to meet the standards of our editorial policy.

Your write-up needs to be original to you and in a publishable standard.

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